Dr. Pedersen explains the science behind Alkaline Structured Silver
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Over 90% of Americans suffer from AutoImmune Conditions. Alkaline Structured Silver is formulated to ONLY destroy bad bacteria, viruses and yeast. 2 teaspoons 2 times per day will help cleanse the body of these harmful toxins and assist in restoring your immune system.

In the morning and in the evening, drink 2 teaspoons of Alkaline Structured Silver. The Alkaline Structured Silver will go to work immediately and stay active the entire time in the body. Our EXTRA STRENGTH Silver Gel provides a topical solution, creating a barrier of protection against harmful bacteria and airborne pathogens. Containing 30 ppm (parts per million), My Doctor Suggests is the most advanced Silver Gel currently available on the market. Specially formulated in a manner that matches the PH of the skin, our Silver Gel products are non acidic and work with the body to create an environment where only harmful bacteria are destroyed. While leaving our good, natural bacteria safe and unharmed.

(Alkaline Structured Silver does not metabolize or build up in the body)

PH balanced to 7.4% Alkalinity

Purified Silver 300mcg

Purified Structured Water




My Doctor Suggests Welcome Bundle, What you will Receive


1 Extra Strength Silver Gel Bottles

Ingredients, Extra Strength Silver Gel: Highly Purified and Structured Water, Carbopol, sodium bicarbonate, citric buffer, & silver.


1 All Natural Silver Lozenges

Ingredients, All Natural Silver Lozenges, Soothing Honey with Lemon: Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Honey, Natural Lemon Essential Oil, 30ppm Silver
All ingredients marked with an asterisk (*) are certified organic.

Silver Soap, Lemongrass, 4 oz

1 Organic Silver Soap

We use only the best Certified Organic ingredients and add them to our popular Triple Strength Silver Solution (30ppm) to create this gentle face and body cleanser. The organic ingredients work in concert with the liquid silver to not only cleanse your skin, but to kill blemish-causing bacteria; leaving your face feeling fresh and smooth.

Lightly scented with natural peppermint essential oil, your skin won’t just feel and look great, but will smell amazing without being overbearing.

Made with 30ppm Silver Hydrosol Solution
Made with Certified Organic Ingredients
Mild Peppermint Scent
Gentle Face and Body Cleansing Bar
Kills Blemish Causing Bacteria – Recommended by Health Professionals


A Healthy Immune System can assist in…


Better Sleep


Increased Mental Clarity


Balanced Gut


More Energy


Healthier Hair


Increased Circulation


Healthy Skin


Healthier Digestive System


Better Sleep


Increased Mental Clarity


Balanced Gut


More Energy


Healthier Hair


Increased Circulation


Healthy Skin


Healthier Digestive System




Changing Lives With Alkaline Structured Silver


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Customer Reviews

Karen - Aug 7, 2019

I am so pleased with this product.

This gel is just amazing. I was searching for something to help heal the blisters that appear around my mouth and on my lips if I am out in the sun for too long or if I am stressing out over whatever it is that I stress out over... Typically it takes a couple of weeks - or more to heal them up. Not to mention the pain, burning, cracking. And the array of creams, ointments, etc that I have used to help heal them is over the top.

Autumns Time - Aug 7, 2019

Really Fights Infection and Wins!

I used this product to help heal a 6 month old bleeding ulcer on my skin. After cleaning the spot with saline solution I added a dab of this to a non-stick pad and covered the wound. After several days of doing this it stopped oozing yellowish green discharge. Now I am just cleaning the spot with saline and putting a non-stick pad on it and it is healing just fine now. I owe it all to this gel. I recommend this product to all of my friends and family.

Farmgirl - Aug 7, 2019

Great for first aid and wrinkles

I have been using My Dr. Suggests gel, liquid and lozenges for a while now. This gel is wonderful for wounds and burns and is the very first and most important thing in my first aid kit. It is the best thing ever for insect bites, fever blisters sunburns but my favorite use is as a wrinkle treatment. Almost like magic it makes the lines disappear and firms the skin. Give it a try. You will be glad you did!

Joe - Aug 7, 2019

Recommended by my veterinarian!

My cat came in with a open wound on his leg, I contacted my veterinarian and he told me what to do and to used this gel faithfully on his wound and it has healed and with no infection. This gel prevented an infection it prevented excess drainage and the best part is the cat never licked it off, it is so lightweight he did not know it was on him. Thank you for a great product.

CosmiConcepts - Aug 7, 2019

Amazing Gel

This Extra Strength Silver Gel is the best! I already re ordered it! My husband had a wound that wasn’t healing for a long time, then I found this gel here. It had great reviews, so we thought maybe it will help. I could not believe how fast it healed! Pretty much after three days the wound didn’t have any swelling and stopped leaking completely (it leaked some brown fluid before)!

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