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Silver Gel, with Aloe

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My Doctor Suggests - Variety Bundle

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Variety Bundle

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Variety Bundle

1 Silver Gel

1 Silver Soap

1 Silver Lozenges


Ideal for the entire family. The My Doctor Suggests Family Bundle provides our highest value in savings!


*My Doctor Suggests Alkaline Silver Products are also a great fit for the health of your pets!*


The My Doctor Suggests Variety Bundle Consists of :


Extra Strength Silver Gel


My Doctor Suggests EXTRA STRENGTH Silver Gel has been activated for maximum strength and to promote the natural healing process*. At 35 parts per million (ppm) of silver, it is the strongest silver gel offered providing an optimal gel for added immune support.* Unlike other popular silver gels, our silver gel does NOT contain the known carcinogen TEA. We care about your long term health and safety and only produce our products with quality ingredients that help your body help itself.

Key Benefits:

– Maximum Strength/Professional Grade Gel

– Great for All First Aid Uses

– Easy-Pump Container for Clean Dispensing

– Topical Cleanser

– Helps Provide Immune Protection*


Use this silver gel like you would any other silver gel.

Try on:

– Sun and Other Burns

– Wounds

– Skin Conditions

– Cuts & Scrapes

– Toothpaste

– Mouth Sores

– Scalp Treatment

– Moisturizing Face Cleanser

This gel is used and recommended by doctors. It should be applied generously to skin as needed to help promote natural healing.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Organic Silver Soap


We use only the best Certified Organic ingredients and add them to our popular Triple Strength Silver Solution (30ppm) to create this gentle face and body cleanser. The organic ingredients work in concert with the liquid silver to not only cleanse your skin, but to kill blemish-causing bacteria; leaving your face feeling fresh and smooth.

Lightly scented with natural lavender essential oils, your skin won’t just feel and look great, but will smell amazing without being overbearing.

  • Made with 30 ppm Silver Hydrosol Solution
  • Made with Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Mild Lavender Scent
  • Gentle Face and Body Cleansing Bar
  • Kills Blemish Causing Bacteria – Recommended by Health Professionals

Ingredients: Saponified oils of safflower* and /or sunflower*, palm*, and coconut* (with retained glycerin); essential oils of lavender and lavandin; askant root; comfrey root*; rosemary extract; 30 ppm pH Balanced Silver Hydrosol.

All ingredients marked with an asterisk (*) are certified organic.


Silver Lozenges



Silver is an incredibly effective immune support supplement. A major key in silver’s ability to support oral/throat health is keeping the silver in contact with the mouth and throat for 6 minutes. It can be very difficult to gargle or hold silver solution in your mouth for six minutes? Have you ever tried it?

That’s where The All Natural Silver Lozenges come in. The sweet taste of soothing honey with lemon will help your throat feel smooth all while the silver goes to work at the root cause of the problem. The All Natural Silver Lozenge, when not chewed, stays in direct contact with your mouth and throat for 6-10 minutes creating the optimal opportunity to maximize the silver’s potential.

Each lozenge contains a full teaspoon of our TRIPLE Strength pH Balanced Silver Hydrosol making it perfect for daily supplementation.

Key Benefits:

  • Convenient
  • Taste Fantastic
  • Contain a full tsp of therapeutic 30 ppm silver in each drop
  • Help boost your Immune System

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

My Doctor Suggests receives positive comments and reviews from our customers on a daily basis. We greatly appreciate the positive support!

Amazing Gel

This Extra Strength Silver Gel is the best! I already re ordered it! My husband had a wound that wasn’t healing for a long time, then I found this gel here. It had great reviews, so we thought maybe it will help. I could not believe how fast it healed! Pretty much after three days the wound didn’t have any swelling and stopped leaking completely (it leaked some brown fluid before)!

My husband and I, we are so amazed that now we are using it for everything! Face (acne), scalp (dandruff & hair loss), also instead of or as an addition to a deodorant! I am a flight attendant and this helps me stay fresh for unbelievable long time, no matter how long and how busy the flight is!

I wish, I learned about this silver sooner, I could have prevented so many issues!

Posted by CosmiConcepts | Dec 21st 2018

Recommended by my veterinarian!

My cat came in with a open wound on his leg, I contacted my veterinarian and he told me what to do and to used this gel faithfully on his wound and it has healed and with no infection. This gel prevented an infection it prevented excess drainage and the best part is the cat never licked it off, it’s so lightweight he didn’t know it was on him. Thank you for a great product.

Posted by Jo | Dec 3rd 2017

This product is Awesome, it’s so great I won’t ever run out of it

I had burned my forehead with a curling iron, and I don’t heal very easily, I started putting it on the urn as soon as it arrived, in about a week it had decreased in size from 1″ to 3/4, then the second week, it’s almost gone, my daughter uses this on her horses when they cut their legs on the fences around her property, and she swears by it, and now I do to. its an awesome product. will be ordering more when it is low, I never want to run out of this product.********** stars for product.

Posted by Kuadillia | Sept 7th 2017

Great for first aid and wrinkles

I have been using My Dr. Suggests gel, liquid and lozenges for a while now. This gel is wonderful for wounds and burns and is the very first and most important thing in my first aid kit. It is the best thing ever for insect bites, fever blisters sunburns but my favorite use is as a wrinkle treatment. Almost like magic it makes the lines disappear and firms the skin. Give it a try. You’ll be glad you did!

Posted by Farmgirl | June 22nd 2018

Really Fights Infection and Wins!

I used this product to help heal a 6 month old bleeding ulcer on my skin. After cleaning the spot with saline solution I added a dab of this to a non-stick pad and covered the wound. After several days of doing this it stopped oozing yellowish green discharge. Now I’m just cleaning the spot with saline and putting a non-stick pad on it and it is healing just fine now. I owe it all to this gel. I recommend this product to all of my friends and family.

Posted by Autumn’s Time | June 29th 2018

I am so pleased with this product.

This gel is just amazing.
I was searching for something to help heal the blisters that appear around my mouth and on my lips if I am out in the sun for too long or if I am stressing out over whatever it is that I stress out over… Typically it takes a couple of weeks – or more to heal them up. Not to mention the pain, burning, cracking. And the array of creams, ointments, etc that I have used to help heal them is over the top.
So I read the reviews – thought okay – sounds pretty good.
It arrived in 2 days. I was in day 3 of this Evil blister. Applied the Silver Gel – the blister IMMEDIATELY felt better!! I watched it shrink and disappear in the next couple of days. NO PAIN. NO CRACKING. GONE.
I will make sure that I always have this little miracle gel on hand for the future. Please continue making this fabulous product!! Thank you MDS LLC!!

Posted by Karen | Feb 23 2018

I love the soap!

I love the soap! The fragrance is perfect and goes with my organic body powder I make with organic corn starch and organic lavender essential oil. It is gentle to my sensitive skin and not drying at all. It is a keeper and the light fragrance is so fresh and clean. Not overpowering just clean. I love it!

Posted by S. Trank | Nov 19th 2018

Worth the Price

This is an excellent soap! I have tried many different kinds of soaps for my face as I have very sensitive, mature, combination skin: very dry, scaly spots as well as oily areas. I had also developed a stubborn acne on my chin that would not clear up for more than a couple days at a time. This soap has balanced my skin, and within a week the difference is obviously noticeable. A little spendy, but completely and absolutely worth it, in my opinion. I am very thankful to have found this soap! Very pleased indeed.

Posted by Unknown | Nov 12th 2018

Very nice soap

Very nice soap. Lathers nicely, nice fragrance, but you can definitely tell there’s no added fragrance, which is great for me, since my skin usually rebels against most nasty additives. I had a problem with a rash on my leg that wasn’t getting better with any OTC treatment. I started using this & within a week there was definite improvement. Love it for my face as well, leaves skin soft & in less need of moisturizer.

Posted by Lindsay | Nov 03 2018

Great for Herpes

This soap greatly benefited the effects I was feeling with herpes. When just start to feel a break out I wash the area with this soap and it has shortened the outbreak time… it also has a wonderful lavender scent….also after showering I use the silver gel…

Posted by Nicole | Jan 2nd 2017

Helps with Adult Acne!

I have tried nearly everything for acne. I accidently found this soap and thought what do I have to lose? It has helped significantly with my acne. It is not a cure for my acne but has not only reduced the amount I get but also speeds up the recovery of the ones I do get. I use the lavender silver soap.

Posted by Tiffany | Feb 9th 2017

Love it!

Love it! If you get the suggested wooden soap dish the soap will last much longer! It’s also gentle enough to use on my face and has a good lather!

Posted by Brandy J | June 19th 2018

Never be without.

Bought these and the honey and lemon ones, and like them both. I like the honey & lemon ones best, but plan on trying the other flavors as well and buying some for stocking stuffers. They taste good and do help with the sore throat I have from strep throat. I also have an occasional chronic cough from one of my bp meds, and plan on having these on hand for that as well.

Posted by Kindle Customer | Oct 4th 2018

I love the Ginger and the Silver together!

I love these lozenges but for the ginger ones you need a larger size with a better price. I think you have another flavor in a larger size but I’m a ginger fan so this is the only one I buy! Thanks for a great product. I’m a big believer that Silver helps the immune system. As someone that lives with HIV I believe in a balance of naturopathic and allopathic systems for the best results. Silver is part of the natural path. Thanks again!

Posted by R.A. Mccormick | Sept 19th 2017

These are the best throat lozenges I have ever used!

these are the best throat lozenges Ive ever used. The ginger is strong and soothing and I feel like the silver did shorten the duration of my sore throat.

Posted by Jon M | Feb 4th 2018

Five Stars

These taste great and really helped relieve my cough and sore throat. Definitely will get again.

Posted by Ruben | June 15th 2018

Game Over!

Wonderful ! The Taste ! Would Have Never Guessed The Silver !… The Magic ! Those Taste Genius’s Have Performed ! Much Less All The Bugs It Is Fighting ! The Wonder Taste And The Shear Convince Of Just Popping Into The Mouth ! Game Over !

Posted by t49y | Jan 30th 2018

Love these!

I have bought these for a few years. I do believe in benefits of Colloidal silver. I’ve been in some Health groups for my dog with lots of people into natural medicine. I love that they’re natural. I’m middle aged & back in college. Everyone seems to be sick in the winter so I keep these and zinc lozenges in my school bag during cold season. They’re delicious! I definitely recommend!

Posted by Shnookie04 | Dec 17th 2017

Very Tasty and Very Effective

These are great! Very tasty, and very effective. First sign of a scratchy throat, grab one. Wouldn’t be without them during flu season, that’s for sure. They are very soothing, and the silver knocks out any nasties that may be lurking. Excellent product!

Posted by Gerald B | Sept 1st 2018

They made the grump smile

I got these for my Dad. he talks all day and my mother doesn’t like the way he sounds when he gets home. Now he uses one day and she has noticed the difference. I talked with him last night and he loves them. Thanks guy for making my parents smile.

Posted by Logically Sound | Aug 23th 2018

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