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Silver Mouth Wash, 16 Oz

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Ingredients: Distilled water, silver solution, natural peppermint essential oil, concentrated complex of trace minerals, xylitol, stevia. All ingredients marked with an asterisk (*) are certified organic


Natural Structured Silver Mint Mouthwash, Safe to be Swallowed!


Formulated by Dr Gordon Pedersen(Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine). My Doctor Suggests Silver Mint Mouthwash is the perfect NATURAL alternative to harsh alcohol-based mouthwashes. We use only the best, natural ingredients to leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. PLUS, our mouthwash provides you with powerful silver solution and over 48 other trace minerals.

My Doctor Suggests Natural Structured Silver Mint Mouthwash contains NO harmful additives found in other mouthwash products such as : Chlorhexidine, Alcohol, Methyl Salicylate, Benzalkonium Chloride, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, and Methylparaben.

PH balanced to 7.4% Alkalinity

Purified Silver 300mcg

Purified Structured Water




My Doctor Suggests Natural Structured Silver Mint Mouthwash Contains only the Finest Ingredients Including:


Natural Peppermint


Essential Oils


Distilled Water


Trace Minerals


Natural Peppermint


Essential Oils


Distilled Water


Trace Minerals




Dr Gordon Pedersen shares his thoughts on healing the body naturally.


Our Fans are Raving about Alkaline Structured Silver Products from My Doctor Suggests.


Customer Reviews

Carl - Aug 7, 2019

I like the fact that this product is PH balanced

I have taken silver products for years and have never had a cold in the winter when everyone else around me is coughing and sniffling. I like the fact that this product is pH balanced so it does not throw your body off kilter.

Joe Knows - Aug 7, 2019

Good Silver Colloidal Product

Very good colloidal, usually a buyer of other brands. Very good, removed an eye stye in a day, and we good food poisoning that was bear serious enough to hospitalize, we took this over several days- began getting better day 1 from 1st dose. Will buy again!

Coleen Lumly - Aug 7, 2019

This stuff works!!

I have a compromised immune system and I have found this formula to be a godsend! We have also used it for a sty in the eyelids and for keeping a problem tooth in check until the dental appt. If you show up to the dentist w/ an infection, they give you antibiotics and reschedule you. Antibiotics can wreck the immune system by killing all the good critters in your gut. I also keep some in a spray bottle so when my cat comes in with an injury, I spray the wound with PH Silver and he tries to rub it off, effectively rubbing it in and preventing infection. Great stuff!

Cathrine - Aug 7, 2019

Great Product

I have been giving this to my two school age kids during cold and flu season where most kids have missed school for several days because of illness and so far mine have weathered the illnesses. I am very impressed by this product but have never tried silver before of any brand. My husband was skeptical but admits that the kids have stayed healthy against all odds.

Abby - Aug 7, 2019

A great product with GREAT RESULTS!!

This is a another wonderful product by My Doctor Suggest. I take it everyday as it is a great immune booster, especially during cold and flu season. Just like the silver gel it is also great to use on cuts, scratches, burns, insect bites and so much more. I really like that it can be used in so many different ways with amazing results. So If you are looking for a multi purpose product with great results, I recommend you give this a try. It is well worth the price. You will not be disappointed!

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