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What is the Best Cuticle Oil?

People with cuticle problems often look for the best cuticle oil to prevent their nails and cuticles from getting damaged. 

What are Cuticles and What is their Function?

These are the clear skin along the bottom edge of your fingernails, situated at the base of the nail bed on which the new nail grows out. It helps in protecting the new nail from bacteria when it grows from the root. The nail root or the matrix is the area of soft tissues having blood vessels upon which the nail plate is placed and it is the region where the new nail grows. This is often confused with other terms such as nail plate, eponychium, or lunula. There is a difference between all these terms. 

Eponychium is the living matter which makes the base of the nail plate resting on the nail bed. You will feel pain in this region if any injury occurs. The cuticle adheres to the nail plate and is located just above the eponychium. It consists of dead matter and you will not experience any pain here. 

Some Common Problems

Your cuticles require the utmost care. They are very vulnerable to chemicals and other strong creams so you need to make sure that these are avoided. There are basically two types of problems you’ll deal with

1.    Peeling or bleeding

This is one of the most difficult ones to deal with. Usually the peeling is caused by excessive use of hand sanitizers and nail hardening creams. These sanitizers remove the moisture of your nails and make them hard and brittle. It is also known that this condition could occur due to vitamin deficiency. You need to keep a check on your vitamin levels in order to determine the cause of this painful condition. 

2.    Dryness

These are caused primarily due to lack of keeping them moisturized. Our hands lose moisture over the day due to over washing, using sanitizers and nail polish removers. Dryness and cracking gives way to bacteria easily causing more problems than you can imagine. 

There is another problem that may occur if you don’t take proper care of your nails and hands. And it is explained below. 

3.    Infection

Paronychia is an infection of the nail caused due to biting and excessively washing hands which damage the surrounding areas. This damage opens the door to bacterial infections. Paronychia is divided into two categories. 

●    Acute paronychia
●    Chronic paronychia

Acute Paronychia is the infection in the folds of tissue surrounding the nail of a finger lasting less than six weeks. It starts off with local redness, swelling and pain. This infection can be caused by direct or indirect injury. 

Chronic Paronychia on the other hand is the same infection occurring for more than six weeks. The symptoms are the same as acute paronychia. 

What Causes Damage? 

Common issues with cuticlesCommon factors:

●    washing hands very frequently
●    using too much hand sanitizer or nail polish remover
●    cold weather condition
●    not properly moisturizing your hands
●    nail biting
●    eczema
●    poor diet
●    some medications

You need to first assess what is causing this condition. You can follow a very healthy regime for making your nails healthy.

Treatment Options

Damaged cuticles can be treated with a number of home remedies and minor surgical interventions depending how severe the damage is. The most important thing here is that it should not happen in the first place. 

As it is rightly said "prevention is better than cure". You need to prevent these issues in the first place. The most common cause of this painful condition is nail biting. You need to quit this habit if you want strong and healthy nails. 

You want a lubricant which covers the nail plate and seals the moisture inside. In this way, the nails don't become hard and brittle. The moisture inside remains intact and also helps in the growth of your nails. You probably have many of these natural best cuticle oil options in your kitchen right now. 

Oil treatments for nails go back years1.    Coconut Oil
Deep moisturizing properties which keep the nails well hydrated. You need to take extra virgin coconut oil and massage it on your nail plate for a few minutes before going to bed. This will help in retaining the moisture inside your nails and would make them strong. 

2.    Almond Oil
This provides an excellent source of nutrition for the nail. Enriched in vitamin E, A, B1, B2, B6, it surely gives your nails the strength to grow. Vitamin E is very good for the skin and antioxidants which are good for the nails. It also prevents your nails and hands from aging due to its ultra-moisturizing properties. 

3.    Jojoba Oil
Featuring amazing properties which tend to keep the nails moist and clean, including antioxidants to keep nails healthy and strong. Jojoba is also known for its anti-fungal attributes. It would prevent your nails from getting any fungal infection. This oil also helps in faster growth of your nails. You need to rub jojoba oil every night on your nails for a few minutes and leave it on. You will notice a very good difference in a matter of few days. 

4.    Olive Oil
Olive oil deeply penetrates the skin to retain the moisture inside. The old remedy of dipping your nails in olive oil for some time always does wonders. Vitamin E which thoroughly nourishes the nails and keeps them soft and hydrated. Olive oil also helps in the growth and speeds up the process. It is known to have calcium absorption attribute as well, making them strong and healthy. 

5.    Frankincense Essential Oil
Frankincense essential oil is popular oil for nails. It makes them strong and healthy. It also promotes faster growth along with making them strong. It is also known that Frankincense oil has anti-fungal properties which would prevent the nails from any fungal infection. Your nails would be strong, healthy and moisturized all the time.

Take care of your cuticles!

Try Structured Silver for Even Better Results 

Applying one of the best cuticle oils would definitely help in maintaining your nail health but the most important thing is to always keep them healthy without having to worry about applying creams, oils and gels. The best and the most effective treatment for the nails is Alkaline Structured Silver liquid and gel. 

This has made a remarkable entry in holistic health recently. Although silver has long been used for the treatment of wounds as a topical treatment but scientists have now devised a way to ingest silver and receive all the benefits that come with it. Most importantly, it provides strength to the immune system and keeps the body fit and strong and is therefore good for many types of illnesses and conditions. 

The oral suspension is very easy to consume and is great for people of all ages. Even the elderly find it very easy to use and it offers them huge benefits in the context of overall health and well-being. With only a few teaspoons a day, you would feel your body strong and healthy in a matter of few days. Structured Silver is the best treatment for any ailment and it also prevents the body from having deterioration of any kind. With minimum diseases occurring, you will feel healthy all over again.