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What is the Best Medicine for Congestion?

Do you want to discover the best medicine for congestion that is all-natural and does not cause any side effects? We are going to find that out right here! 

Chest and nasal congestion is very common all over the world and it leads to other complications if left untreated. If you often suffer from runny nose, watery and itchy eyes and coughing, you might experience this condition very soon if the treatment is not done on time.

Let’s find out what actually is going on and then look at the most effective options to help you.  

What is Congestion? Pain and pressure areas for sinus congestion

This is a general term used for accumulation of excess body fluids. Most of the time, it lies in your nasal passages and it makes it difficult for you to breathe properly. You may find it can also occur in the sinuses and the air passages of the lungs. The body fluid that collects in these passages is called mucus or phlegm. 

When you are suffering from congestion, you are unable to breathe properly. This mostly occurs in children and the elderly because they have a weak or compromised immune system. It is most commonly experienced during the winter season. 

As congestion can be of many types, the most common ones are from nasal passage inflammation, Sinusitis, Rhinitis and Common Cold. These are upper respiratory diseases which lead to severe issues. Lower respiratory infections can be more serious and the associated with such illnesses could be devastating. The most common lower respiratory infections are Bronchitis and Pneumonia. 

These illnesses cause your chest to be congested with excess mucus and phlegm which makes it hard for the air passages to clear out, hence causing breathing problems. Since these conditions are life-threatening, it is advisable to control the symptoms as soon as they appear.  

What are the main causes? 

The most common cause has been associated with different kinds of allergies. These allergies can cause your nasal passages to get blocked with mucus. The other most common cause is any kind of infection in the body. 

Some of the common causes include;

●    Acute Sinusitis
●    Chronic Sinusitis
●    Hay fever
●    Allergies
●    Common Cold
●    Deviated septum
●    Dry air
●    Enlarged adenoids
●    Food allergies
●    Pregnancy
●    Nasal polyps
●    Hormonal changes
●    Influenza(flu) 
●    Respiratory diseases
●    Stress
●    Thyroid diseases

Any of these causes can lead to excessive mucus in the body which needs to be treated. If left untreated, it can cause other complications especially of the lungs. 

If you are experiencing congestion symptoms, it may indicate an underlying allergy of infection. It is recommended to take the best medicine for congestion in order to cure it in a timely manner and avoid complications. As congestion lingers on, it creates more problems. 

If the symptoms are mild, you would need home treatments to make it better but if the symptoms are moderate to severe, you would certainly need medical help or an alternative treatment preferably from naturopathy. And one of the most effective treatments from that category will be discussed later in this article. So keep reading on. 

What are symptoms in babies?

Babies can get really cranky if they are suffering from congestion. The symptoms to watch out for in babies and small children include;

●    Thick nasal mucus
●    Discoloured mucus
●    Difficulty sleeping 
●    Difficulty eating
●    Sniffling
●    Snoring
●    Breathing problems
●    Wheezing

You need to be extra careful when dealing with babies. Their immune system is very weak and they are not able to fight back infections strongly. If you see any of these symptoms in babies, you need to consult your doctor immediately. 

Home Remedies 

However, before trying out any harsh medication that also causes severe adverse effects, it is better to adopt some home remedies first. If you have mild symptoms, it is very likely that they would get better with home treatment. 

Some of these remedies are discussed below. 

1.    Steam
This is one of the best home remedies for congestion. As you know, steam humidifies the dry mucus which has blocked the nose. Steam or chicken soup has the ability to liquify the dryness of the mucus and let it pass out. Try and inhale steam vapours through your blocked nose so that nasal passages get clear. You can also use a humidifier in your room so that the air around is not dry. 

2.    Saline water
Saline or salt water is very effective as a decongestant. You can spray saline water in your nose or put in a few drops of it. The salt water would remove the mucus blocking your air passages. This treatment is very useful for babies who are not able to tolerate any medication.  

3.    Drink Plenty of Fluids
It is known that drinking plenty of fluids would loosen up the mucus and let it pass. It is recommended to increase your fluid intake during flu and allergies. A person may also get dehydrated during allergies and flu so it is very important to keep the hydration levels high. 

4.    Try Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus Oil is believed to have a number of benefits. It not only opens up your nose, it also gives a soothing effect to your body. A few drops of Eucalyptus Oil would open up your nasal passages and remove the excess mucus. You can also put this oil in water to use it as steam. 

5.    Green Tea
Make yourself a warm green tea with honey. Try and add a few strands of ginger and it would be very comforting for any kind of congestion. This would thin out the mucus and would clear your air passages. 

Infant receiving congestion removal treatment

Where Do You Go From Here? 

If these home remedies don't work out and you feel that your symptoms are worsening over time then you need to take some over the counter medication. There are many options available on the market which can help you in reducing symptoms. However, keep in mind that these often come with side effects and it is not recommended to continue taking them for a long time. 

So, the best medicine for congestion is certainly not a drug from conventional therapeutic practices. It is something that is totally going to change your life. And we are just about to discover it.   

Let’s first look at the most common allopathic selections used for treating the condition. 

1.    AntihistaminesMedical procedure to reduce congestion
As we all know now that allergies are the most common cause, antihistamines can be used if home remedies aren’t working for you. Antihistamines would target histamines which are released in the body when allergy attack takes place. It would remove the root causes would alleviate the symptoms. 

One thing to be noted here is that antihistamines are not a permanent cure for your allergies. They would certainly give you temporary relief from all those uncomfortable symptoms but they won’t make it last for long. Antihistamines also have a long list of side effects which would give you more trouble. They are particularly not recommended for babies and young children! 

2.    Decongestants
These medicines would help decongesting by shrinking the blood vessels which cause inflammation. Then again these are not a cure for this condition as only temporary relief would be provided. Long term use of decongestants will also have a number of side effects which would not be good. 

Therapy with Alkaline Structured Silver 

Now that we have discussed all the possible treatments, it is now important to weigh their outcome. Have you ever thought of making a long lasting change in your life to keep yourself healthy?

If not then start thinking today as Alkaline Structured Silver liquid and gel have taken the world by storm. Structured silver has found to have huge benefits over medicines and other treatments for many other illnesses especially infections and allergies. 

The problem lies in your immune system which makes you prone to having all these diseases. Congestion too occurs in people with low immunity. If you wish to alter your health regime then start using structured silver liquid. 

There have been tons of studies conducted on the effectiveness of structured silver, which is essentially a blend of water and silver. Scientists have found that silver has the ability to kill about 99.9% of all bacteria, fungi, viruses and mold. It is also being added to many daily use products like soaps. It is now easier than ever to consume structured silver as it is available in the form of suspensions. It is flexible and can make the condition go away in just about minutes! Yes, that’s exactly the power of silver that we are highlighting here and we want you all to benefit from it as we care about your health!