• Doctor Formulated Probiotic Plus

    1 Bottle of Probiotic




Customer Reviews

Helps with Adult Acne!

I have tried nearly everything for acne. I accidently found this soap and thought what do I have to lose? It has helped significantly with my acne. It is not a cure for my acne but has not only reduced the amount I get but also speeds up the recovery of the ones I do get...

- Tiffany

Love this product!

This is an easy way to get a daily dose of silver to help boost and sustain your immune system. I have been taking it for several weeks now and have really loved it! Supplier is great, as well. Order shipped quickly and received the product within a couple days.

- Seteuati

Very Tasty and Very Effective

These are great! Very tasty, and very effective. First sign of a scratchy throat, grab one. Wouldn’t be without them during flu season, that’s for sure. They are very soothing, and the silver knocks out any nasties that may be lurking. Excellent product!

- Joe

Amazing Gel

This Extra Strength Silver Gel is the best! I already re ordered it! My husband had a wound that wasn’t healing for a long time, then I found this gel here. It had great reviews, so we thought maybe it will help. I could not believe how fast it healed! Pretty much after three days the wound didn’t have any swelling and stopped leaking completely (it leaked some brown fluid before)!

- CosmiConcepts