Dr. Pedersen explains the science behind Alkaline Structured Silver
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How to Treat Candida

How to Treat Candida ?

Do you know how to treat candida…and why antibiotics are to blame for your infection?

What happens if you could damage your Candida Fungal Infection with just a few gulps of a scientifically-developed as well as tried and tested Structured Silver Water?

Yes, water.

Would certainly you desire it?

I’m Dr. Gordon Pedersen.

I’ve found a new method to damage Yeast infection Fungal Infections, at their core, by utilizing internal as well as external Structured Silver.

No, not Colloidal Silver.

That things is hazardous, as well as does not work.

Furthermore, conventional treatments aren’t working any longer.

So, you’re definitely not alone in this seemingly hopeless nightmare.

I assure you that.

Candida Fungal Infections are enormously growing, for females and also males, around the world.

Yes, this is far from simply a women trouble; also couples are being tortured by this problem.

Candida Fungal Infections are actually destroying even one of the most outstanding connections.

Yet why?

Why are Chronic Candida albicans Fungal Infections ending up being so widespread, as well as harder to defeat than ever? (Even affecting our youngsters – starting from in the womb).

I’m going to give you a deep, simple dive into Candida fungus Fungal Infections as well as Candida Albicans Overgrowth.

And also …

I’ll tell you about how candida, yeast, and bad bacteria
have evolved to become antibiotic resistant.

Simply to drive home what that suggests:

In 20 years, regular people can be suffering as well as dying from a routine chilly or influenza, just like prior to antibiotics were invented.

That’s due to the fact that Candida albicans (and negative bacteria) have discovered how to shield themselves from non-prescription and prescription medications.

Yet the rabbit opening goes deeper:

I’ll disclose how Yeast Fungal Infections, especially in the intestine, are most likely ground zero for almost whatever you experience and also deal with … literally AND emotionally.

Yeast Overgrowth is that huge of an offer.

Just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about….

Gut-born Candida Fungal Infections (aka Candida Overgrowth) can easily trigger:

Gut-born Yeast Fungal Infections (aka Candida Overgrowth) can easily trigger:

  • Anxiousness as well as clinical depression. (As well as irregular psychological ups and also downs.).
  • Having a difficult time falling, as well as remaining asleep. (This is specifically negative, since your body is intelligently created to fix itself, and also revitalize throughout sleep.).
  • An increase in sweet food yearnings. (Candida, Yeast, as well as Poor Germs can tell you what to eat … and also overeat. I’ll clarify more listed below.).
  • Unmanageable weight gain (and also the lack of ability to lose it).
  • Never really feeling full (satiety).
  • Yeast Infections (or Jock Impulse).
  • Inflammation, pain, as well as a brain haze that’s so thick, it can make even the most intelligent individuals, feel foolish.).
  • Autoimmune disorders, like Lupus and also Crohn’s’s Illness.
  • Persistent fatigue.
  • Sinus infections.
  • Food sensitivities as well as allergic reactions.
  • Accelerated, quick, premature aging.
  • Leaking gut.
  • Gas as well as bloat (in some cases pushing your stomach out 2-4 inches more than typical).
  • Urinary system Infections.
  • Professional Athletes Foot and Toe Nail Fungus.
  • Thrush in the mouth and throat.

Like Hippocrates said:

“All Disease Begins in The Gut.”

Did you know that your body is made up of more
bacterial and fungal cells, than it is human cells?

Sure, we require a certain amount of bad bacteria, yeast, and candida for our bodies to maintain a healthy, optimal Homeostasis. (Homeostasis just means your body’s natural, intelligent ability to repair itself.)

However, in 1927, everything changed.

We were introduced to Penicillin, and the era of antibiotics.

So, from too young of an age, many of us took antibiotics (and it damaged your body’s fragile gut-balance… aka your 2nd brain).

But the truth is…

Candida Fungal Infections are not your fault.

Common sense medicine tells us that antibiotics had such an unexpected, and unprecedented impact on our fragile gut-ecosystem…

That being in Homeostasis is pretty much impossible.

That’s WHY human beings are dealing with symptoms, like Candida Overgrowth, in larger numbers than ever before.

Sure, antibiotics saved millions, if not billions of lives.

As a doctor, I can tell you there’s absolutely a place for medicine.

But no matter how miraculous of an invention antibiotics are…

One thing cannot be denied:

Antibiotics triggered a perfect storm for our gastrointestinal tracts
to get taken over by Candida Fungal Infections.

That’s since prescription antibiotics kill all of the great germs inside of the 2nd brain.

That provides Yeast Overgrowth an unopposed method to repopulate the digestive tract.

Antibiotics can likewise feed and also sustain Candida fungus Fungal Infections.

They can aid make these yeast cells expand stronger, and also replicate faster, while likewise most likely elevating the quantity on your intense, tear-inducing symptoms.

What’s scary is …

Prescription antibiotics are frequently prescribed (as the very first line of defense) versus Yeast infection Overgrowth.

Despite the fact that …

These modern miracles of medication are greatly responsible for triggering the whole cycle in the first place.

Actually, did you recognize:

Early youth use (and also overuse) of prescription antibiotics have made Candida Fungal Infections … resistant to future antibiotic treatments?

To put it simply …

Antibiotic usage is the main reason that Chronic Candida Fungal Infections are coming to be practically difficult to do away with.

As a result of that …

I can not even start to reveal how much emotional injury as well as stress and anxiety Candida Overgrowth has actually created for numerous unsuspecting individuals.

That’s why I made it my mission to discover a means to destroy Candida albicans Fungal Infections, at their very core, with Structured Silver, which I’ll talk about soon.

But did you also know that:

75% of Female Yeast Infections Come From Their Male Partners?


Yea, men can spread out Yeast infection Fungal Infections as well as Candida Overgrowth to their female companions, just like a Sexually Transmitted Disease.

And that’s even without having ANY symptoms of Candida albicans or Yeast.

So, if you’ve ever before felt shame or shame about yeast infections, once more, a great deal of this truly isn’t your mistake.

Just how could you safeguard on your own (or your partner) from something you really did not understand was an issue?

Obviously, it is each of our obligations to attend to and also overcome Candida Fungal Infections.

And if you are in a connection, I advise both of you check out as well as make use of this details at the same time, or you simply run the risk of constantly spreading it backward and forward.

Currently, this is where the conversation adjustments.

You see, these Yeast cells are really non-human knowledge.

Yes, you have ALIENS living on, as well as within you.

It’s these non-human fungal and also bacterial cells that make you … you … greater than your human cells.

Candida Fungal Overgrowth can even impact your DNA.

Yet it obtains even more science-fiction-like:

These Candida, Yeast, as well as Bad Bacterial Cells can in fact determine your individuality, mood, cravings, weight, sleeplessness, and overall health.

It resembles Intrusion of the Bodysnatchers … inside of your second brain, where our essential neurotransmitters are.

That’s why …

The 2nd mind is most likely one of the most important part of your entire body.

  • Serotonin …
  • Dopamine …
  • And also GABA …

” Talk” to the first mind.

It’s the 2nd brain gives you the chemical-ability to rejoice,

energized, driven, as well as able to quickly rest throughout the night.

The gut-brain greatly determines HOW hormones like:

The 2nd brain also affects your satiety hormones:

  • Leptin (the volume hormone).
  • Ghrelin (the hunger hormonal agent).

What’s frightening concerning poor germs, yeast, and also candida fungus having influence over your satiety hormones is …

What’s scary about bad bacteria, yeast, and candida having influence over your satiety hormones is…

It opens the door for:

  • Psychological Consuming.
  • Overindulging.
  • Blowing up of your weight.
  • Anxiousness.
  • Insomnia.
  • Addiction to sugary, Candida-Overgrowth-feeding foods.
  • As well as feeling frequently burnt out by your continuous signs and symptoms.

The yeast infection, yeast, and poor microorganisms can basically persuade you.

Into feeding THEM through something called the Vagus Nerve.

That s what connects the 2nd as well as first brains.

It s like a natural chemical superhighway.

These Candida, Yeast, and also Negative Bacteria talk with your 1st brain.

The candida, yeast, and bad bacteria can essentially “brainwash” you…

Into feeding THEM through something called the Vagus Nerve.

That’s what connects the 2nd and 1st brains.

It’s like a neurotransmitter superhighway.

These Candida, Yeast, and Bad Bacteria “talk” to your 1st brain…

It’s called Biofilm.

The biofilm lugs every one of the specific yeast as well as candida fungus cells, inside of it, today, as a group of cells, rather than specific ones.

Biofilm gives the Candida fungus Fungal Infections security from.

antibiotics, immune cells, supplements, as well as also antifungal treatments.

It’s because of this Biofilm, type of a quiet killer, that I investigated a brand-new means to attend to Candida albicans Fungal Infections, and ruin them at their core.

The outcomes of my research led developing Structured Silver from My Medical Professional Suggests.

Since then …

I have actually helped hundreds of Chronic Yeast Overgrowth sufferers recoup from in some cases years of on-going signs.

That includes my partner Julia, that utilized to suffer from unexpected, severe urinary system tract and yeast infections.

In the past, she utilized therapeutic doses of my Structured Silver Solution, and also adequate amounts of the gel straight on her reproductive area.

Nowadays, Julia utilizes the Structured Silver as a day-to-day supplement to aid avoid future Candida albicans Fungal Infections.

Here’s how it functions:.

Structured, Alkaline Silver is medically shown to destroy microorganisms and also yeast.

Silver can in fact bond to yeast and candida (when it’s in contact with the cells for only 2 minutes).

It has the capability to ruin the membrane layer of the cells …

Like pulling the plug on them.

” Just how” you ask yourself?

Well, silver is missing an electron.

That implies …

It’s mosting likely to take an electron from anything it comes in contact with.

But it just targets that negative germs, yeast, and also candida cells.

Below’s what’s makes structured, alkaline silver so crucial:.

Considering that yeast, yeast, and bacteria just have a solitary wall surface around them …

When silver swipes an electron …

They open up and rupture.

Just so you can clearly SEE what I imply …

Visualize a single yeast cell:

These malicious-looking cells attach themselves to any kind of feasible surface …

Like the skin, intestines, or our reproductive location.

The yeast and candida albicans secrete poisonous substances that aid them take over their brand-new atmosphere …

And eat whatever they can … to expand … including our tissues.

When the yeast and also yeast infection take in adequate gas …

They have adequate healthy protein to construct the Biofilms around themselves.

However …

The framework of my alkaline water has actually been documented, in many scientific researches, to aid damage down the biofilm (and also the Silver fractures it).

But the truth is …

The most effective part is …

If you don’t get respite from YOUR Yeast infection Overgrowth …

I’ll refund your acquisition cost, no questions asked.

You either get results, or you don’t pay..


That claimed …

Over 90% of individuals who get my organized, alkaline silver products …

Come to be lifetime clients.

Also far better …

Less than 1% of clients ever before return their items.

Currently, after remaining in the supplement sector for years, I can ensure you …

The method our customers like their Organized Silver items differs anything I have actually ever before seen.

As well as the reason is straightforward:.

As soon as you begin seeing and also really feeling quick results ….

it hurts to allow them go.

Why should you?

It’s important to bear in mind, the body is wisely developed to fix itself.

It simply requires the tools to do so.

Structured Silver is among those powerful tools that’s scientifically shown to help the body return to a healthy and balanced, well balanced Homeostasis.