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Traveling Abroad? Here’s How to Defend Your Wellness with Silver

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Traveling Abroad? Here’s How to Defend Your Wellness with Silver

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Traveling Abroad?
Here’s How to Defend Your Wellness with Silver

By Dr. Pedersen Ph.D

There isn’t much that’s worse than planning the vacation of a lifetime or the most important business trip of your career and then spending the whole time in the hotel room… on the toilet or lying in bed feeling like you’ve been run over by a bus.

Hours spent on a plane or a crowded train are hours spent closed in with hundreds of people… and their germs. And don’t forget the passengers that were onboard before you. And before them.

Once you’ve reached your destination, whether it be that important business trip or a much-needed vacation, you may be exposed to yet more new and strange germs or pathogens.

What is Travel Sickness?

Travel sickness can be a number of different things. Just the travel itself puts extra stress on the body. Spending hours in extremely close quarters with other people means if the person in the seat next to you sneezes, coughs, or exhales too heavily, you’re more likely than not going to be exposed to whatever germs they’re carrying.

Those germs could also come from other passengers’ hands. They could be things they carried onto the plane from the airport or outside. People can be carrying illnesses that they don’t even know they’re carrying… illnesses that aren’t showing symptoms or haven’t developed yet.

Once you reach your destination, you may face more foreign pathogens… new bugs that your body has never been exposed to before so it has no defense against them. When the human body is exposed to germs, the immune system gets to work building up the antibodies necessary to remove the threat. That’s why previous exposure to an illness often helps the body build an immunity to that particular illness.

Long-distance travel across time zones can also cause jet lag, messing with sleep schedules. A tired body is a stressed body and a stressed body’s immune system is working overtime… leaving a lot of opportunity for germs and pathogens to jump in and take hold.

Another frequent cause of traveling sickness is water. In many places, the water may not be as safe as what you are used to. Bacteria and microorganisms in water can lead to some very unpleasant symptoms… to put it mildly.

Yet in other places, you may run the risk of mosquito-borne illnesses like malaria.

Finally, we’ve all heard horror stories about people who have become ill in foreign countries and not been able to receive the treatment that was needed to save their lives. Treatment that would have been readily available at home.

Good news…

Regardless of where your travels take you or how you get there, there’s a product that can help support your immune system, protect you from contaminated water, and attack germs and microbes inside and outside of the body.

That product is structured silver.

Structured Silver: A Germ’s Worst Nightmare

Structured silver is a germ-destroying machine.

Its power comes from its tetrahedral crystalline structure.

When silver is bonded to pure, clean water in this special formula, it becomes empowered to take on and conquer the germs and microbes that cause disease and illness.

One thing that makes this form of silver stand apart from the others is that the structured silver molecule in this formula doesn’t stop working after it kills just one bacterium. Colloidal silver and other forms of silver that are on the market can only kill one microbe and then they’re done. Their energy is spent.

But thanks to its structure and electrical charges, structured silver keeps going and going and going. Firing off one electron after another. Destroying one bacterium after another.

Alkaline structured silver, unlike the colloidal silver or silver hydrosol you may have heard of, is bonded to pure, distilled water molecules. It has a tetrahedral, crystalline structure. It’s this unique structure that gives this structured silver its superpower.

The alkaline pH of this silver means that rather than being rejected by the immune system as is the case with the other forms of silver which are acidic in nature, it works with the body and the immune system.

It also has the remarkable ability to attack and destroy the bad, or pathogenic bacteria in the gut as well as any other microbes, like viruses and fungi. And it doesn’t harm the good, probiotic bacteria.

Alkaline structured silver is a win-win for the gut microbiome.

For a more in-depth explanation of how structured silver kills bacteria, take a few minutes to watch this fascinating video:

Defend Your Health with Silver When You Travel

Here are some ways that silver can be used preemptively… to preserve health so you can avoid losing precious time to illness when traveling abroad.

Immune strengthening

Travel puts a lot of stress on the body. Even more so when we travel abroad. Hours are spent in tight spaces filled with foreign germs. Sleep schedules become out of whack from traveling across multiple time zones. Diets are thrown off by foreign and exotic cuisine. And exercise routines are often replaced by sight-seeing tours… or big breakfasts.

These things can put the immune system into overdrive.

Alkaline structured silver can help by providing support to the immune system. It takes a load off by doing a share of the work. It frees up the immune system so that it can get to work repairing any damage done by illness or the stress of traveling.

Silver has become a valuable tool in destroying inflammatory agents like the bacteria, viruses, and yeast that attack the body and cause a multitude of symptoms and diseases.

By lightening the load on the overworked immune system, silver can be an incredible health boosting supplement during travel.

Learn more about protecting your immune system:

Hand sanitizer

Silver gel makes an incredible hand sanitizer. It’s a safe and natural alternative to the toxic commercially available hand sanitizers on the market. In fact, we talked all about toxic hand sanitizers in this article.

A squirt of silver gel rubbed into hands will kill surface bacteria, fungi, and viruses on contact… for up to five hours!

Surface sanitization

Hard and soft surfaces can harbor germs and bacteria as they wait for the opportunity to jump onto a new human host. For example, the flu and common cold viruses as well as stomach bugs and staphylococcus aureus, better known as the MRSA bacterium, can all survive without a human host for hours, days, or even weeks.[1]

With some silver liquid in a little spray bottle, you can defend yourself against them. Spray the tray table on the back of the seat in front of you, the steering wheel and keys of the rental car, and anything else you can think of that may be a temporary host for germs.

Water purification

Many countries don’t have the same clean drinking water standards as our own. Depending on the severity, native people may not be bothered by it. But ask anyone who’s suffered from Montezuma’s revenge (that’s the hilarious slang term for traveler’s diarrhea), if you drink untreated water in the wrong country, you will be sorry.

What’s a traveler to do? If purified bottled water isn’t available, put four drops of structured silver liquid in an eight-ounce glass of water. Give it a swirl and let it sit. It will be purified and safe to drink after two minutes.

Keep in mind that ice cubes and even fresh produce may be carrying bacteria or viruses. Check out the section on diarrhea for more tips on staying out of the john and enjoying your trip.

Specific Traveler’s Illnesses and How to Protect Yourself

From malaria to Montezuma’s revenge, here’s how to shield your health from some of the specific illnesses that foreign travel may present.

Traveler’s diarrhea

According to WebMD[2], traveler’s diarrhea comes from drinking contaminated water OR eating contaminated food. It can also be transmitted compliments of food handlers who don’t wash their hands.

If you are traveling to less developed countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, or the Middle East, your risk of exposure is higher than in more developed countries.

Unpurified tap water and raw fruits and vegetables carry the highest risk of giving you the runs. Cooked foods and sealed, bottled beverages run the lowest risk.

Sometimes, despite taking the precautionary measures and avoiding food we talked about above or water that has not been purified, diarrhea will find a way to ruin a trip or vacation. If you’re in a high-risk country, you may want to take this extra step to protect your digestive tract: take a teaspoon of structured silver twice a day while you travel. Silver kills the bacteria and/or viruses that cause the illness.

If the diarrhea bug should hit you, take two teaspoons every hour for eight hours… you may start to feel better in four hours. Continue taking it four times a day until you feel better, which could take a day or two. Supplement with probiotics and drink lots and lots (a glass every hour) of purified water to avoid dehydration.

Take a look at this video by Dr. Pedersen to learn more:

Insect bites

Mosquito or other insect bites can be itchy or even painful. Not only has the bug injected you with toxins but scratching itchy skin may open it up to infection.

Wrap or cover the bite with a bandage that’s been soaked with structured silver liquid or dab some pH balanced silver gel on the bite. The silver will help keep skin free of germs and microbes while helping to heal sore or damaged skin that’s been scratched open. It will also lessen the pain and inflammation and helps the bite heal.

Another option or in addition to treating the bite wound on the skin, is to drink an ounce of silver liquid twice a day for two days. Taken internally, the silver will help to reduce the tissue damage and remove those toxins.

Learn more about bug bites here:

A word of caution: with any bug bite, always watch the skin for signs of a red ring. A ring could be an indication that the poison is spreading. If this should happen, seek emergency medical help immediately. Remember… especially if you’re in a foreign place, you don’t know what you don’t know. In other words, a somewhat harmless looking little critter could be quite the opposite.


Malaria can be a serious, or even deadly disease if it is not treated promptly. Malaria is caused by a protozoan parasite called Plasmodium. It’s transmitted from infected people into the bloodstream by mosquitoes.

Different species of Plasmodium bring more or less severe versions of disease. People with weaker immune systems including children, pregnant women, and elderly people, are at a higher risk of death.[3]

Symptoms of malaria can look like the flu with a fever, chills, coughing, sore muscles, vomiting, and diarrhea. And it can take between 7 and 90 days for symptoms to appear. So, if you do become ill months after your trip, be sure to tell your doctor that you’ve been traveling abroad.

The majority of the 1,700 malaria cases that are diagnosed in the US each year are in people who have recently been to sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia.[4]

The map below shows the general areas where malaria is prevalent. Check with your travel agent or the CDC to get an accurate understanding of the risk levels before you travel. It is always best to be prepared.

If your travels take you to a country where malaria is prevalent, you’ll want to protect yourself from this dangerous disease. The video below goes into more detail, but it’s best to avoid getting malaria rather than having to deal with the disease. Taking two teaspoons of alkaline structured silver twice a day will keep the parasite from taking hold in your bloodstream and liver.

Take a look at this video before heading to a malaria high-risk zone:

The common cold

If the virus that causes the common cold should find you, silver can help. The cold virus will attack in the nose and sinuses… that’s why colds bring mucus that clogs up the sinuses. That mucus can also contain bacteria.

When the mucus runs down the throat, it leads to a sore throat. And sometimes it gets into the ear passages resulting in an ear infection.

Following the immune support suggestions above will help to prevent a cold in the first place. But if it does hit, a tablespoon of structured silver three times a day will help kill off the virus or bacteria causing it. A nasal spray of silver four or five times a day will help to knock out the congestion. Silver can also be used as ear drops, eye drops, or a mouth rinse.

Silver lozenges will help to soothe a dry throat and heal or maintain healthy mucous membranes in the mouth and throat. Made with natural and organic ingredients, All Natural Silver Lozenges taste great and remain in contact with the mouth and throat for up to ten minutes as they slowly dissolve.

See how silver can help you conquer the common cold and get back to enjoying that vacation:

Prepare a Structured Silver Travel Kit

Be sure to check with your airline and/or TSA (Transportation Security Administration) to confirm what volume of liquids and gels can be packed in carry-on luggage.

Got a concern about an ailment that we missed? You can find a full guide to treating 83 illnesses with structured silver here on our website.

To get your supply of alkaline structured silver before summer travel season starts, or to learn more, check out My Doctor Suggests or give us a call at 1-866-660-9868. Our friendly customer service team is waiting to help.

[1] NHS (UK), How long do bacteria and viruses live outside the body?

[2] WebMD, Traveler’s Diarrhea

[3] World Health Organization, Malaria

[4] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Malaria

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