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My Doctor Suggests - 23 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy

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23 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy with Silver

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Have Pets?
23 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy with Silver

By Dr. Pedersen Ph.D

Americans love their pets! And it will probably come as no surprise to dog owners that dogs top the popularity chart with about 38 percent of US families owning at least one dog.[1]

Our dogs are included in family photos. They go on family vacations. They get to go to the park, visit Santa, and they receive birthday and holiday gifts. There’s no denying that dogs are part of the American family!

With so much love for our canine family members, there’s virtually nothing we won’t do for them.

From all-natural food to the best veterinary care and even pet health insurance, we go to great lengths to take care of their health.

And there’s one health product that can give Rover a huge advantage in treating wounds, combatting illnesses, and in maintaining good overall health.

A Natural Way to Protect Your Dog’s Health

Structured silver destroys pathogens and helps protect the immune system. Here are some of the benefits of using alkaline structured silver for dogs:

• It protects against pathogens. Silver is capable of eradicating many of the bacteria, viruses, and fungi, such as yeast, that may be found in and on dogs.

• Silver supports the immune system. Taking structured silver internally boosts white blood cell production, giving the immune system an added bonus in fighting illness and disease. Because it takes on the task of killing unwanted invaders, the immune system is freed up to rebuild damaged tissue.

• It reduces inflammation. By destroying the bacteria, viruses, parasites, and/or mold that cause inflammation, silver reduces infection thereby slowing the inflammatory response in dogs’ bodies.

• Liquid silver protects against a number of different parasites in your dog’s body when taken internally. The life cycle of most of these parasites is about 45 days, so silver should be used for three months to help fully eradicate parasites.

• Silver relieves mild to moderate pain. Since most pain is a result of infection and/or inflammation, silver helps to relieve pain by effectively reducing swelling and infection. It may completely eliminate the need for traditional pain medication.

• It keeps the mouth healthy. Used orally, silver can help reduce plaque, decay, and stinky dog breath. It will also help heal mouth and jaw infections.

• Silver helps maintain healthy eyes, ears, and nose. Unwanted microbes can be eliminated with structured silver.

• Skin and coats can be kept in top shape with silver as it can control skin infections and heal irritation.

• Silver can soothe wounds and burns. Used internally and externally, pH-balanced structured silver can heal bites, scrapes, tears, and burns.

• It helps alleviate digestive issues. Taken internally, silver can help remedy food poisoning, vomiting, diarrhea, and intestinal infections.

• It’s a great disinfectant for your dog’s “territory.” Use silver to clean and disinfect Rover’s dog house or crate, food, and water bowls.

An Ounce of Prevention

Whether we’re talking about dogs or humans, prevention is always the best bet. It’s much easier to prevent illness and disease than to heal or cure it once it has taken hold in the body.

And just like in our human bodies, good health for dogs starts with the right diet, a healthy environment, and plenty of fresh air and exercise.

When we add alkaline structured silver to the diet, we are supporting the immune system. With daily silver, your pup will be virtually immune to most illnesses. Microscopic pests that would otherwise threaten their health won’t stand a chance.

If your dog becomes ill, silver can be used as an alternative to antibiotics or to antifungal medication. When silver is used instead of prescription antibiotics, side effects such as diarrhea are averted… because silver does not damage the good gut bacteria like the pharmaceuticals do.

And if you do use prescription medication, pH-balanced structured silver will work with the medicine. It makes antibiotics and antifungals more effective by destroying the microbes that the medication misses. This speeds up healing and recovery time… and prevents the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Do you brush your canine’s canines? Getting some alkaline structured silver into Rover’s mouth will help reduce bad bacteria (and bad breath along with it), keep the gums and teeth clean, and heal any damaged tissues inside the mouth. Add structured silver to homemade tooth powders and rinses or use silver gel daily as a toothpaste (in this case… tooth gel) to keep his mouth in face-smooching condition.

How to Use Silver for Your Dog’s Health Maintenance

With all the benefits that alkaline structured silver has to offer, it works wonders as a preventative… for daily maintenance of your dog’s health and wellbeing.

Dogs like to get out in the world and explore. And every dog-owner knows that they do a lot of that exploration with their nose. That nose sniffs everything… up close and personal. The nastier and stinkier, the better as far as Rover is concerned.

Along with that sniff comes bacteria, mold, and viruses… straight in through the nasal passages. Silver is a destroyer of these germs and microbes. Giving your dog a maintenance dose of silver will help fend off these potential invaders.

A Guide to Treating Common Health Issues in Dogs

When Rover does come down with an illness or an injury, silver can help with recovery. Here is a comprehensive list of things silver can be used for. Normal dosage amounts will be covered in a later section.

1. Abscesses – Clean the abscess then follow that with a liquid structured silver rinse. Repeat the silver application as necessary or several times a day until abscess heals.

2. Allergies – Spray some liquid silver into your dog’s eyes and nose. Warning… you’ll probably have a bit of a fight on your hands! You can also put some silver in their drinking water.

3. Antibiotic alternative – Put silver in the drinking water to maintain health or treat infection or illness. pH-balanced silver gel can be applied directly to wounds or sores. To Since it is safe to be used internally, there’s no harm in licking it off.

4. Antiviral – Some silver liquid in drinking water will help fight viral infections.

5. Arthritis – Add silver to drinking water to fight the inflammation and symptom of arthritis. Silver gel can be applied directly to any areas that are causing a lot of discomfort to further reduce pain and swelling.

6. Bad Breath – Dog breath (like human bad breath) is caused by bacteria in the mouth. Spray liquid structured silver in his mouth or put some in her water bowl to kill that bacteria, leaving breath fresh and clean.

7. Bites – Bite wounds can be prone to infection due to the puncturing of skin and the bacteria in the mouth of the offender. Put silver gel directly on wound several times a day. Add some liquid silver to drinking water to give the immune system a hand from the inside.

8. Constipation – Silver in the drinking water will help get Rover’s potty habits back on a regular schedule.

9. Diarrhea – Liquid silver should be given twice daily until the symptoms are gone.

10. Ear Infection – Put five drops in the ear canal with an eyedropper and if it’s not too painful, gently massage the ear to work it down inside. Do this twice a day… and you may want to treat both ears to be on the safe side. Alternatively, a bit of silver gel on a cotton swab can be used in the ears

11. Eye Problems – A dab of silver gel on a cotton swab or liquid dropped from an eyedropper is an excellent eyewash for eye infections or irritations.

12. Fleas – If you’ve ever been around a dog with fleas, you know that it’s usually pretty easy to tell they’ve got them. The level of sensitivity, or irritation, varies. In other words, some dogs are barely bothered while others will chew themselves raw. By the time we notice something’s bothering them, the fleas are settling in to their new home. The itching is caused by an allergic reaction to the fleas’ saliva. This saliva elicits an immune response, which can take up to 24 hours to appear and can be extremely itchy (for humans, too).[2] Silver applied to a dog’s coat will help kill bacteria and relieve irritated, itchy skin caused by fleas.

13. Gingivitis – Add liquid silver to your dog’s water dish or spray in their mouth several times a day for best results.

14. Itching – Use silver gel directly on the itchy area if possible. If that won’t work, spray the area with silver liquid.

15. Lyme Disease – Dogs are susceptible to Lyme disease just like their humans. Lyme is a serious disease and calls for heavy duty treatment. Use five times (5X) the normal dosage (according to our chart) for a month, then taper usage back to normal. Repeat if symptoms are still present.

16. Mold and Fungus – For fungal infections, if possible, soak the affected area in structured silver liquid for at least six minutes once a day. If soaking isn’t feasible, spray the area with silver liquid several times daily.

17. Pain – Placing alkaline structured silver in their drinking water will help reduce inflammation which, in turn, will reduce pain.

18. Parasites – Give liquid silver twice a day for up to 45 days.

19. Parvovirus – Parvo is a serious, life-threatening virus… and we’ve given it a section of its own (see below).

20. Ticks – Remove the tick, taking care to get the head and not to squeeze the body. Apply silver gel to the bite wound keeping an eye out (if you can see it) for a bullseye-shaped ring which could indicate Lyme disease or other infection/disease.

21. Vomiting – Liquid silver placed in Rover’s water bowl will help alleviate an upset stomach.

22. Worms – Worms are parasites that can be treated by using silver orally. Silver will not kill all worms but will help support the immune system as it fights off the invaders.

23. Wound Healing or Post-Surgery – Apply structured silver gel or spray silver liquid on wounds several times a day.

Canine Parvovirus

One of the deadliest and most feared viruses among dog and kennel owners is canine parvovirus (more commonly known as parvo). Parvo is very contagious through direct contact with an infected dog, and also through contaminated dog poop, humans, or even from surfaces like food and water bowls and other items in the environment.

Parvovirus is extremely difficult to kill and in fact, there is no prescribed cure. Loss of life is common and can happen in as little as 48 to 72 hours of the appearance of symptoms. Conventional treatment involves immune support and lots of care.[3] In the event that antibiotics are used, the poor dog still only has about a 20 percent chance of survival. (Here’s a hint: antibiotic kills bacteria… parvo is a virus.)

Despite its high death rate, there is a something that can help… you guessed it.

Silver is a well-known alternative treatment for dogs suffering from parvo. It has saved a lot of dogs’ lives. Canine death due to parvo is unnecessary and preventable!

Learn more about how viruses infect cells and how structured silver can help:

Determining the Right Dosage for Your Dog

Like most things, the amount of liquid silver you’ll want to use depends on your dog’s size. Use the following as a guideline for maintenance or minor illnesses:

Up to 75 lbs – 5 ml (one teaspoon) twice a day
76-150 lbs – 10 ml (two teaspoons) twice a day
Over 150 lbs – 15 ml (three teaspoons) twice a day

Some conditions or health threats warrant heavier dosing. These are mentioned above, but as your dog’s person, it’s ultimately up to you to decide when a bigger dose is needed. Depending on the particular health issue, you might increase the dosage as much as 4 to 10 times the daily amount. This will allow the silver to more quickly attack serious health threats. Dogs can be given these larger doses for up to two weeks.

Alkaline structured silver is very safe and can be used daily without concern. The crystalline tetrahedral structure of this silver is such that it is much more active than other forms of silver like the colloidal silver or silver hydrosol you may have heard of. This silver is presented in a much lower concentration because each molecule is capable of destroying many bacteria, versus just one bacterium or microbe per silver molecule with the other forms of silver.

Alkaline structured silver can be given with or without food, any time of day. The only precaution is that it should not be taken with salt as salt can neutralize the silver’s effects. And despite what you might expect, some dog food does contain salt. If Rover gets table scraps, they’ve probably been salted, too.

Given that information, it’s best to give the silver either an hour before or an hour after food. Just be sure to do it at a time when you’ll remember.

To ensure they are getting enough, you may want to give it orally with a needleless syringe like you would a liquid medicine.

There’s no need to worry about using silver with other medications. It’s perfectly safe. The only rule is no salt.

When using liquid silver as a spray, be sure to put it in a dark-colored spray bottle in order to protect it from light damage.

Get your supply of alkaline structured silver and set up your canine first aid kit now. To learn more, check out My Doctor Suggests or give us a call at 1-866-660-9868. Our friendly customer service team is waiting to help.

[1] American Veterinary Medical Association, AVMA releases latest stats on pet ownership and veterinary care, November 19, 2018

[2] Terminix, What do Flea Bites Look Like?

[3] American Veterinary Medical Association, Canine Parvovirus

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