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What you need to know about Silver Lozenges

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Organic Silver LozengesMany people have started using silver as a supplement for a variety of different health reasons. Colloidal silver is available in a few different forms, and one of these is lozenges. If you have never heard of them before, then you will certainly want to learn more about them so that you can determine if they have a place in your life or not.

To begin with, scientists found out quite a while ago that silver has some antimicrobial properties. That’s why silver has been used as supplementation for a very long time. When people use silver in the mouth, they have found it hard to keep the liquid touching the surface of the mouth for six minutes as needed. This is where lozenges come into play.


Of course, as you may know, these days, people find it very important to use organic products, both on the exterior and interior of their bodies. People prefer to get organic foods because they feel more comfortable knowing they will not be introducing toxins into their body. Whenever you can, you probably wish to choose organic products, and the good news is they abound. You can find organic foods, cleaning supplies, and even clothes. Now, you can choose organic lozenges for your silver supplementation.

How to Use Them

If you choose to use silver lozenges, then make sure you know that you will need to allow the lozenge to melt in your mouth. Do not chew them. Instead, just suck on them as you would do with other hard candy. Chewing the silver lozenges will not give you the full benefit of them.

The Right Lozenges

You don’t want to choose just any silver lozenges, though. You want to pick the right ones. For example, Organic Silver Lozenges include triple strength silver hydrosol, which is pH balanced to work well with the body. Our silver lozenges include brown rice syrup, evaporated cane juice, honey, lemon essential oil, and silver hydrosol. As you can see, there is nothing chemical in them and all ingredients are organic.

The Suggested Uses

There are a few different reasons why people choose to use the organic silver lozenges. To begin with, they can be used by people who are interested in maintaining their mouth and throat health. Other people suck on lozenges as a healthy way to soothe an irritated throat or to ease a cough. Still others prefer the lozenges over liquids as a way to get their daily supplementation. The main reason why people choose silver as their daily supplementation would be to help boost their immune system.

No matter the reason, if you want to use silver as a supplement, and you don’t particularly like using the liquid, then the lozenges may be a good option for you. That way you can enjoy the benefits of silver without the problems associated with liquids for oral health purposes.

Silver has been around a long time as a health supplement. Even all the way back to ancient times, people used silver. So, it is no wonder that many people have begun using silver even in the modern day as a way to treat various conditions and to boost their immune system. The good thing about silver as a supplement is that it is available in various forms. The liquid can be used in many situations, but when it comes to oral health concerns, you may wish to consider lozenges since they are long lasting and serve their purpose well. Even if you just need silver as a supplement, you may prefer the lozenges over the liquid for internal uses.

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