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Better You - Seasonal Affective Disorder

Beat the Winter Blues – Tips for Staying Active When It’s Cold Outside

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depositphotos-37458595-s-2015.jpgWhat do you think of when you think of winter? I think of holidays, snow, family, friends, cold weather and hot chocolate. I didn’t think of working out or exercising! As it gets colder outside, we exercise less and tend to eat more, especially throughout all the holidays. While it may not be the holiday season anymore, it’s still cold out, which makes it especially difficult to be motivated to go exercise. Here are some tips to help get yourself up and moving, even when it’s cold and miserable outside.

1.Take the stairs! This is probably the simplest way to get yourself moving. Skip the elevator at work, or run/walk up and down the stairs in your house or apartment!

2.Join an exercise class! Your local gym probably offers a plethora of classes, from yoga to Zumba to cycling. It’s always easier to work out when you have a class to attend and others there to hold you accountable.

3.Look up indoor home workouts on YouTube, or invest in a program like P90X or T25! If you can’t bring yourself to work out in a gym, these are some great options that you can do in front of your TV.

4.Remember that everything counts – shoveling snow, vacuuming your house, these are all getting you up and moving! Even if you don’t have time to fit in a whole workout in your day, keep in mind that many of the activities you do in a day are helping you be active.

It’s hard to want to get up and moving when it’s cold and dreary out, but when you are consistently active, you’ll feel better and sleep better! Regular exercise is also an effective way to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which affects approximately 10 million Americans between September and April of each year. According to Tal Ben-Shahar, a prominent positive psychologist, “Not exercising is like taking a depressant.” Take the time to work out and help your body and mind remain positive and healthy during the cold winter months left of this year! 

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