Dr. Pedersen explains the science behind Alkaline Structured Silver
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Acid Reflux

Treating Severe Acid Reflux Naturally

Treating Severe Acid Reflux Naturally

Are you affected by severe acid reflux? Do you constantly worry about what will trigger it next? Fear no more...

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Severe Acne Treatment Starts In Your Gut

Severe Acne Treatment Starts in Your Gut

The best severe acne treatment isn't skin deep...it's way deeper...all the way in your gut. Read more...

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Discover A Common Cold Treatment...that Actually Works!

Discover a Common Cold Treatment...That Actually Works!

Have you had enough of being sick this year? Consider some new options for common cold treatment!

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What Is The Best Medicine For Congestion?

What is the Best Medicine for Congestion?

It's almost allergy and hay fever season, and you're ready to find the best medicine for congestion. Don't wait another day!

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What Is The Best Bacterial Conjunctivitis Treatment?

What is the Best Bacterial Conjunctivitis Treatment?

Do you know what the best bacterial conjunctivitis treatment is? You don't want to spread this gross affliction!

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Crohns Disease

Crohns Disease Treatment That Works Wonders

Crohns Disease Treatment that Works Wonders

Finding a Crohns Disease treatment can be difficult for the nearly one million Americans who suffer from it.

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The Most Effective Crohns Disease Medication

The Most Effective Crohns Disease Medication

If you or someone you know has experienced this debilitating issue, you want the best Crohns Disease medication you can find.

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What Is The Best Cuticle Oil?

What is the Best Cuticle Oil?

What's the best cuticle oil to protect your hands and minimize dry fingertips (and the associated infections)?

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How To Treat A Cyst Naturally At Home

How to Treat a Cyst Naturally at Home

Rather than time-consuming, expensive, and painful therapies, you may look into treat cysts naturally.

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Why Should You Fear The Effects Of Diabetes?

Why Should You Fear the Effects of Diabetes?

What are the effects of diabetes? How does this disease affect your physical, emotional, and mental health?

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Diaper Rash

7 Most Effective Diaper Rash Remedies

7 Most Effective Diaper Rash Remedies

When your baby is suffering, you only want healthy, safe, and natural diaper rash remedies. Structured silver gel may help.

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Learn How To Help Diarrhea Sufferers

Learn How to Help Diarrhea Sufferers

Do you know how to help diarrhea? This unpleasant experience can be made less worse when you have the right tools.

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Ear Infection

How To Help An Ear Infection Causing Pain And Discomfort

How to Help an Ear Infection Causing Pain and Discomfort

Do you know how to help an ear infection, or what causes them? Most common in children, but adults can and do get them.

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Do Home Remedies For Ibs Bring Any Results? 

Do Home Remedies for IBS Bring Any Results? 

Those who suffer from regular bouts of irritable bowel syndrome are always on the lookout for effective home remedies for IBS. Do these work?

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