Dr. Pedersen explains the science behind Alkaline Structured Silver
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What Helps Arthritis


Do You Know What Helps Arthritis?

Suffering from stiff painful joints, I’m often asked what helps arthritis. Now, when you realize arthritis feels worse when you’re in cold situations like this, when you’re exercising and your joints and muscles are cold it produces pain.
Now arthritis is where you get inflammation in between the joints of your bone. Now, when bones don’t flex properly, and they don’t move properly and they don’t have proper lubrication in between the joints, we call that arthritis. It can come from your gut actually, toxins and poisons can come from even food allergies and they can get into your joints. But arthritis in general is treated with pain medication. With non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs. Even other dramatic drugs that will shut down or turn down the immune function. So arthritis is painful, it’s progressive, it can immobilize a joint and often times it comes from toxins inside the gut. Pay attention to your diet, pay attention to your mobility, and if you’ve been sedentary for a long period of time start by stretching and going about slowly rebuilding your mobilization.

This is 30 part per million silver liquid. It’s alkaline, that makes it different from all the other silvers. You see, the other silvers are acids. Alkaline silver means that it gets into your body better. It works with your immune system better. It works inside the mouth, on the body, in the eyes that simple if you want to put it in your nostrils as well. If you can see this can spray right in your nostrils. This can be an eye dropper or an ear dropper. In addition to that you can take it with you and spray it on your computer, your cellphone, wherever you want to go because liquid silver in 30 parts per million destroys bacteria, viruses and yeast.