Dr. Pedersen explains the science behind Alkaline Structured Silver
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Natural Antivirals

What are Natural Antivirals?

If you’re suffering from viral infections but don’t want the poisons Big Pharma pushes, look into natural antivirals, like structured silver.
The question is antiviral. Anti means to destroy or kill. Viral means a virus. Now when you recognize that we don’t have any drugs in the medical world that can actually kill a virus, because viruses aren’t actually fully alive, you recognize that we’re at tremendous risk.
I mean the kind of risk that causes the most suffering in all of humankind. Viral infections are that painful. They destroy from the inside of one cell starting at the DNA, and go throughout the entire body, re-registering cellular function, cell division, everywhere in the body. So when we wanna be an antiviral, there are drugs that will help stop viruses from spreading but you’ve gotta recognize that prevention is the finest way to stop a viral infection.

This is 30 part per million silver liquid. It’s alkaline. That makes it different from all the other silvers. You see, the other silvers are acids. Alkaline silver means that it gets into your body better. It works with your immune system better. It works inside the mouth, on the body, in the eyes. That’s simple if you wanna put it in your nostrils as well. If you can see, this can spray right in your nostrils. This can be an eye dropper or an ear dropper. In addition to that, you can take it with you and spray it on your computer, your cellphone, wherever you wanna go, because liquid silver in 30 parts per million destroys bacteria, viruses and yeast.