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All Natural Silver Lozenge Soothing Honey & Lemon - 20ct (Silver Cough Drop)

$14.95 (You save $4.00)
4.20 Ounces
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Silver is an incredibly effective immune support supplement. A major key in silver's ability to support oral/throat health is keeping the silver in contact with the mouth and throat for 6 minutes. It can be very difficult to gargle or hold silver solution in your mouth for six minutes? Have you ever tried it?

That's where The All Natural Silver Lozenges come in. The sweet taste of soothing honey with lemon will help your throat feel smooth all while the silver goes to work at the root cause of the problem. The All Natural Silver Lozenge, when not chewed, stays in direct contact with your mouth and throat for 6-10 minutes creating the optimal opportunity to maximize the silver's potential.

Each lozenge contains a full teaspoon of our TRIPLE Strength pH Balanced Silver Hydrosol making it perfect for daily supplementation.

Key Benefits:

  • Convenient
  • Taste Fantastic
  • Contain a full tsp of therapeutic 30ppm silver in each drop
  • Help boost your Immune System

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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  1. 3 year experience  star rating

    Posted by Bobby and Liz on Jan 7th 2016

    My wife and I have used the lozenges for almost 3 years now, When we want extra protection, are on the road, or forget to take our 30 PPM liquid (which is rare) we just pop a lozenge. They make staying protected and healthy convenient.
    Due to our business we deal with the public directly everyday and have encountered many with a variety of illnesses. We feel due to our faithfully using my doctor suggests products we haven't even experienced a sniffle.
    We highly recommend getting on a daily regimen of silver liquids, lozenges and gels whether it's to combat an illness or for daily preventative maintenance.

  2. Silver and honey, your sore throat never stood a chance.  star rating

    Posted by JG (Amazon User) on Dec 7th 2015

    The best lozenges I've used. Taste great and really seem to work well.

  3. Five Stars!  star rating

    Posted by Sarah Ogle on Nov 24th 2015

    Love these Lozenges! Definitely helped soothe my throat and lessened my cough. I will definitely be purchasing more!

  4. Love Love Love these little lozenges!  star rating

    Posted by M. Pearson on Nov 18th 2015

    I use these lozenges to help keep my throat lubricated early in the morning, but especially just before going to bed. They keep my throat lubricated so I don't wake up with a dry throat. The taste is sooooo good!! I have to control myself and remember not to keep using them just for the taste alone. I will continue to purchase them. A little pricey for the amount that you get in the tin. And the tin...I can reuse it for pins and things.

  5. So grateful to have found this product!  star rating

    Posted by Shayne on Nov 18th 2015

    I am so grateful to have this product available! I find it is a soothing and satisfying way to get a dosage of silver in. I have been taking silver for past year. This benefits I have found are: reduced general aches and pains in the morning, reduced recovery time when I do catch a virus or cold. My husband takes My Doctor Suggests ph balanced Silver on a daily basis and has been free from any virus or colds for the first time in years. He is diabetic and infections are hard to fight. With his regimen of silver they have reduced significantly! We both are so glad Organic silver lozenges are available. They are easy to carry and take on trips and personally, I use them as a treat knowing that I am getting the added benefit of the silver!

  6. Delicious and Powerful!  star rating

    Posted by Bill H on Nov 18th 2015

    First off, I have been drinking, nebulizing and or spraying Colloidal Silver on or in my body for a couple of years now. It has been helpful to me and my family and we are sold on it all the way. No, it doesn't cure everything but it has proven to be extremely helpful with cavities, burns, scratches, cuts, lung health and etc. We are huge fans!

    When I found it in a lozenge (cough drop) I knew I'd have to try it out. Well, not only are they delicious... but just knowing I am exposing my mouth and throat (and the pervasive bacteria that reside there) to Colloidal Silver is kind of exciting,

    The drops taste so good that I have to stop myself from eating too many of them. I've actually had to move them out of my office so I can avoid the temptation! True Story!

    I highly recommend this product and will continue to purchase these drops for our family.

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