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Silver Liquid & Mouthwash

Alkaline Structured Silver With a Proper pH Balance For The Body

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Silver Lozenges

Delicious Structured Silver Lozenges Made With Real Honey

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Probiotic Plus with Prebiotics & Added Turmeric

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Silver Soaps

Made with certified organic ingredients and Structured Silver

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From Our Families to Yours

Entering into the holiday season and final chapter of 2020, we have all experienced a year of great change and challenges that have affected us both emotionally and physically. Although it has been a difficult year, we celebrate that we are able to be part of your amazing stories of wellness and growth.

As we continue to navigate through an ever-changing environment, we stand true to the foundations of natural wellness and pledge our support to each and every one of you. We embrace the future with an understanding that now, more than ever, we need to be here for each other. We will strive to remain at the forefront of researching and developing new opportunities to optimize our health and wellness.

We wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continuing support and unwavering belief in our products. Please consider sharing the gift of My Doctor Suggests this holiday season, and together let's continue the mission of helping those who are seeking their personal path to wellness.

My Doctor Suggests

MDS is the global leading authority of Silver and we've dedicated years of researching and developing the safest, natural forms of silver.

We specialize in Alkaline Structured Silver gels or liquids with a proper pH balance for the body

Contact us 1-866-660-9868

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New for the Holiday Season!

Our best selling Sugar Free Lemon Lozenges are now available in a convenient 20 count size

Sweetened with natural Monk Fruit, Sugar Free Lemon Lozenges are the first choice of My Doctor Suggests customers through the winter months and beyond.

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I love these lozenges. This is my second order. The first order I got was the sugarfree one and those don't taste bad as well. Will be ordering again.
- Catherine Geslin
Excellent mix of pre and probiotics. This is the only probiotic I will ever now use after trying multiple varieties. This product actually helps my stomach feel better without all the gas and bloating I've experienced with other brands.
- Angela
Smells bother me and was reluctant to get. The smell is strong when in my shower. When putting on my body it's a very light sent and doesn't not bother me. After each use my skin feels so clean and soft. I have recommend this to my family.
- Denise Lynn
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