Dr. Pedersen explains the science behind Alkaline Structured Silver
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Hay Fever

Allergies occur when an allergen triggers an allergic response in the body. The immune system mobilizes and activates, causing inflammation, swelling, and mucus production. When this happens in the throat or the sinuses, it results in a sore throat or sinus infection. This can lead to coughing, sneezing, irritation in our lungs and even asthma-like symptoms.The first step to improving asthma symptoms is to remove the allergen—e.g., the pollen, the dust, or irritating laundry detergent. While we can’t remove all the allergens from our air or water, we can remove a lot of bacteria, viruses, and mold from inside our body by drinking liquid structured silver. We can protect the outside of our body by using silver gel topically.To fight allergies, drink one teaspoon in the morning and one at night. Spraying silver into the nasal cavities will also reduce swelling and congestion. Nebulized silver can be inhaled a total of 30 minutes each day and gel can be applied inside the nostrils to counteract skin irritation.