1 Structured Silver Solution/Water

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Triple Strength - 30ppm Silver Colloidal Solution

My Doctor Suggests pH Balanced Silver Hydrosol is the latest in silver supplementation. Silver has been proven to benefit a healthy lifestyle that supports the immune system. My Doctor Suggests pH Balanced Silver Hydrosol is the perfect silver solution for daily supplementation. Designed to leave the pH of your body in its most natural state.

This silver solution is triple the strength of our normal silver solution. It contains 30ppm silver, and s pH balanced to optimize your body's absorption and increase potential benefits to your body systems, all while leaving your body in its naturally balanced state.

Join the hundreds of doctors and medical professionals worldwide who choose My Doctor Suggests brand silver solution

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If you are not completely satisfied contact the manufacturer My Doctor Suggests

Therapeutic grade.

Better and more advanced than Colloidal Silver

El mejor liquido de plata coloidal para beber liquido coloidal de plata para ti o para tu mascota


(No reviews yet) Write a Review