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Silver Liquid & Mouthwash

Alkaline Structured Silver With a Proper pH Balance For The Body

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Silver Lozenges

Delicious Structured Silver Lozenges Made With Real Honey

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Probiotic Plus with Prebiotics & Added Turmeric

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Silver Soaps

Made with certified organic ingredients and Structured Silver

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My Doctor Suggests

MDS is the global leading authority of Silver and we've dedicated years of researching and developing the safest, natural forms of silver.

We specialize in Alkaline Structured Silver gels or liquids with a proper pH balance for the body

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Probiotic With Turmeric!

Our best selling Probiotic with the addition of Slippery Elm, Turmeric Root and Fibre

Formulated using patented Lactospore ® technology, our probiotics deliver an effective blend of time-release micro-organisms that can thrive in the harshest of acidic environments.

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I love these lozenges!! They so soothing to my throat ! I have shared some with my friends and they tell me how much they like them. I always have a bag of them on hand. Try them, you will love them, I sure do!
- Leslie Byers
Excellent mix of pre and probiotics. This is the only probiotic I will ever now use after trying multiple varieties. This product actually helps my stomach feel better without all the gas and bloating I've experienced with other brands.
- Angela
Tried many other silver solution brands & this product has no taste or after taste $ no cloudiness. Keeps well after opening. I also give it to my pug in water. Great product!
- Gary Goodrich
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